GAP2 Workshop: Putting the Science into Regionalization

(c) Tom Colborn

(c) Tom Colborn

Building on the momentum of the rapidly evolving process of regionalization of the Common Fisheries Policy, GAP2 is planning a dialogue meeting to explore how participatory approaches can help in solving the challenges shared by stakeholders, scientists, and policy managers.

GAP2 European Dialogue Meeting

“Putting the science in regionalization: Participatory approaches for the new regionalized CFP”

Wednesday 26 February 2014, Brussels.

The dialogue meeting is expected to bring together participants from Member States, RACs, research organizations (ICES, STECF, EFARO, and Research Institutes) and European Institutions.

The purpose of the event is to develop practical steps for organising and applying the knowledge-base for regionalized fisheries management.

Specifically, the workshop will aim to deliver concrete recommendations on the operational and institutional arrangements for a collaborative research agenda in the regionalized CFP, taking into account regional differences.

Programme outline

Context and orientation: the challenge of how relevant knowledge can be developed, accessed and deployed in a regional context. Example of discard plans to illustrate the key points.

4 key questions

  • What are the knowledge needs for implementation of discard plans and multi-annual plans?
  • Who will develop the knowledge-base and how can its credibility and reliability be ensured?
  • What funding and support is needed for the research infrastructure to deliver the knowledge for regional decision-making?
  • How could the knowledge be accessed and deployed in a regional context?

Meeting the challenges: group discussions followed by plenary and summary of emerging points of consensus 

You can read our policy briefing here, and we’ll be sharing the meeting’s outcomes soon after.

The event is by invitation, so if you would like any further information, please contact Rosie Magudia.

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