GAP2 Exchange: Pablo Pita Orduna’s Australian Exchange

GAP2 and University of Coruña’s Pablo Pita Orduna travels to Australia to work with Dr. Jeremy D. Prince, the scientist behind The Barefoot Ecologist Toolbox.

The toolbox is a set of user-friendly tools to effectively manage fisheries and it’s success is down to the fact that it can be used directly by the fishermen to improve the health of exploited populations, and thus their livelihood. Effective implementation of these ideas has been successful, especially when applied to artisanal small-scale invertebrate fisheries (e.g. abalone fishery in Australia and Tasmania).

Pablo is working with Dr Prince in the development of a group of processes and friendly tools that will help in the use of available information of the fisheries in GAP2 case studies, mostly originated by the traditional knowledge of fishers, to integrate it in the management of fisheries.

The exchange takes place in February 2013 as Pablo travel to Perth and Victoria:

  • February 3rd -6th: Victoria – Pablo will meet the main stakeholders involved in the work that Dr. Prince has been performing with the abalone fisheries in Victoria (Eastern Australia) for more than 10 years. Pablo will also attend the annual meeting of the Western Zone Abalone Divers Association in the Western Zone of Victoria where they will be reviewing and setting the reef catch levels and size limits that they will use in the coming quota year.
  • February 6th-24th: Perth – Dr Prince has started some work with local fishers in Perth. Pablo will meet these fishers and work with Dr Prince and his students on new stock assessment tools based in fishers inputs.

You can keep up to date with Dr. Orduna’s thoughts, experiences and findings in his exchange blog.

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