GAP2 Annual Meeting 2012

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What Happened

GAP2’s Annual Meeting is the yearly gathering of scientists and fishermen from across Europe, involved in the GAP2 project. This year’s meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium – the heart of European policy making, between 3rd and 5th July.

Due to the geographically far-flung nature of GAP2, this annual get-together provided a rare opportunity, not only for GAP2 partners to meet face to face (rather than over the phone), but also, to conduct project wide planning and information sharing.

The agenda was packed, but we managed to have a carousel where attendees could visit “stands” about each of the 13 case studies; a workshop explaining how scientists could better communicate their work; a learning session about GAP2’s Exchange Programme; we even managed to fit in a whole afternoon of serious gaming!

The day’s full report will be available for download soon. In the meantime, Martin Pastoors, leader of Work Package 3 has written a great blog post capturing the event’s highlights.


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