Applications Open: Over €40,000 to fund Fishers, Scientists & Policy-makers Exchange Trips

GAP2 Exchange Poster (c) Tom Colborn, GAP2

GAP2 Exchange Poster (c) Tom Colborn, GAP2

Additional funds to be made available for the GAP2 Exchange Programme.

Want to travel? Want to truly understand how fishing policy can be improved through collaboration? The GAP2 team is delighted to announce that a further €40,000 will be made available for the GAP2 Exchange programme; a chance for fishermen, policy makers and scientists to travel to other parts of where collaboration is working.

Do you want to apply?

The GAP2 Exchange is an exciting opportunity for learning. It encourages the sharing of understanding and ideas by funding candidates to travel and undertake an exchange trip with relevance to participatory research. In particular, GAP2 is now looking to foster exchange activities focusing on connecting with policy.

Participants benefit by gaining a better understanding of three key elements: their sector, other stakeholders’ perspectives, and practices abroad. You can learn more about the experiences of the GAP2 Exchange participants by reading their blogs.

If you want to travel elsewhere, learn something new and have an idea of an exchange that meets these objectives, get in touch. Willing participants are invited to propose ideas for the exchange activities they would like to be involved with by contacting Alfred Sandstrom before 28 February 2014. All projects will be completed by the newly extended end date of April 2015.

Potential candidates will be asked to consider the bases for visiting a specific place or organisation and how the exchange activity would benefit the GAP2 project as a whole, as well as the candidate personally. The proposed activities must have a clear project benefit and coincide with three core aspects of the GAP2 program, which are: an interdisciplinary focus, a relation to governance and participation, and GAP2’s specific research areas.

We hope to hear from you!

Want quotes or high-res images? Please contact Rosie Magudia, tel: +44 (0) 7727 088 308.

Notes to editor

  • GAP2 is an Europe-wide research project investigating how fishermen and scientists can better work together towards sustainable fisheries. The project is funded by the European Commission, is running from 2011 until 2015 and is centred around 13 case studies of working science-fishery partnerships in action, spread throughout Europe. Find out more by visiting our website or contacting Rosie Magudia (details above).
  • Find out more about the GAP2 Exchange Trip here.
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