Steve Mackinson’s Blog: Windy Wellington

Steve is living in New Zealand for six months to spend time with the Seafood Industry Council (SeaFIC). Steve wants to better understand how the Council successfully brings scientists and fishermen together, through promoting industry’s involvement in research, data analysis and policy advice. You can see all his blog posts here.


Arrived in ‘Windy Wellington’ yesterday, wondering what all the fuss was about concerning the wind. Today we found out! The good news is that the wind seems to blow up the steep hill that I’ll be cycling to get home. We’re now getting to meet the neighbours and figure out the meandering paths and amenities of our local neighbourhood of Ngaio, just North of the city. Our oldest, Thomas (9) and Hannah (6) visited to school that they will be attending when term starts back in February. Erin (3) was checking out the parks and local playschool. Still somewhat jaded from the jetlag but looking forward to exploring Wellington and finding out exactly where it is I’ll be working on Monday. Think we will have to see The Hobbit this weekend after the wonderful efforts that New Zealand had done to promote it. Will keep you posted with more soon.


View from the house we are renting

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