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Palamós fisheries closed by unanimous vote

On January 10th, over 60 fishermen reached a unanimous agreement to close the deep-sea shrimp fisheries in Palamós

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EU-Norway agreement on shared fish stocks

The EU and Norway have reached an agreement over the management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea.

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Fishers use GPS to fish sustainably

Fishers in Lyme Bay, UK, trial new GPS technology to prevent fishing in illegal or protected areas.

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EC proposes a total ban on shark finnning

European Commission proposes a ban on the removal of shark fins at sea, by all EU vessels, world over.

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GAP2 addresses future fisheries challenges

On 31st October, Dr Steve Mackinson presented at a UK conference addressing new challenges facing fisheries science.

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Damanaki: “Give fish to the poor”

Maria Damanaki proposes charitable donation of fish as a way to end discard at sea.

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Kickoff, DenkTank

Netherlands DenkTank to be consultative group for the Dutch discards case-study.

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