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Q4 2013 Newsletter

Policy Briefing 1: Putting the science in regionalization: Participatory approaches in the new regionalized CFP

© Kari Stange

GAP2’s first Policy Briefing addresses how participatory research could underpin the successful implementation of reformed and increasingly regionalized European Common Fisheries Policy.

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Applications Open: Over €40,000 to fund Fishers, Scientists & Policy-makers Exchange Trips

GAP2 Exchange Poster (c) Tom Colborn, GAP2

Additional funds made available for the GAP2 Exchange Programme.

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Maiken Bjørkan’s blog: Viva España!

Maiken writes about her first days in Barcelona, as she settles in and shares her impressions of the GAP2 exchange study.

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War & Peace: Sustainable Scallops in the Channel

Could GAP2 help scallop fisheries become more sustainable through collaboration? WWF UK’s Giles Bartlett reports from NWWRAC on promising plans.

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My First Year at Sea

Emma (c) Emma Pearson

Emma Pearson, GAP2 partner, describes her first year at sea as a fishery scientist working with crab fishermen in the UK’s South West.

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