“Vital stage: jellyfish”: Scientist Gianluca at Sea

The Italian GAP2 case study, based in Chioggia conducted the second (ever) Adriatic Trawl Survey on 19th August 2013 (video here). GAP2 Scientist Gianluca Franceschini was onboard, and blogs about his experiences below.

What Happened

“Friday, 23rd. This year’s survey is over! After 3 days (in a week) spent at sea in quite different weather conditions (calm, rough, mixed), we returned to our land-based lives eventually…
Vital stage: jellyfish.

Saturday, 24th. We had lunch with GAP2 fishermen at a charity fair; we shared a small part of the catch, the rest being served to the people attending the fair during dinner… Good vibrations.
Vital stage: semi-human.

Sunday, 25th. A day of rest and relax.
Vital stage: fully recovered. But it’s just an illusion.

Monday, 26th, through Thursday, 29th. The team is up and ready to data entry, crosschecking, data analysis, results discussions, integration with last year’s results, graph and tables editing, photoshopping…
Vital stage: amoeba (damn, it’s even worse than jellyfish!).”

In Pictures


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