Talk on the Sustainability of Edible Crab

Dartmouth, UK. On the 2nd August 2012 marine biologist and TV broadcaster Monty Halls and GAP2 fisheries scientist Emma Pearson gave a talk on the sustainability of edible crab, as part of the annual crab festival which takes place in South Devon.

What Happened

Monty talked about his experiences in Cagwidth Cove, where he learned to fish one-handed on a vivier called Harvester, and about the Community Supported fishery he set up in Dartmouth.

Emma spoke about the science of crab – their morphology, migration, reproduction and growth – before introducing GAP2 and talking about the achievements and future goals of the UK brown crab case study. A PDF of Emma’s presentation slides can be found here.



PDF of Emma Pearson’s presentation slides.

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