24 Months On: Progress Report from the Mediterranean red shrimp case study

Dr Joan Batista Company gives an update on the Spanish case study, investigating recruitment areas and seasons for juvenile capture of red shrimp, with the aim of developing a long-term fishery policy with stakeholders.

Most Recent News

“All the activities in the case study are going as planned. Fishermen have decided to cease fishing for 2 months to allow for a better stock recovery. The first month is partially funded by the regional government, but the costs for the second will be borne solely by the fishermen.

A grant from the Spanish government has been obtained for funding the formation of a new research student, who will be integrated into the case study.”

Activity Updates

“Scientists will continue to conduct field activities until December 2013. They collect catch data on board and also monitor several other vessels using their log-books and VMS. They later integrate “Catch Per Unit Effort” (CPUE) data in GIS.

The fishermen are continuing to be involved in the case study. They have held five meetings since last June, with very good attendance. The last meeting was attended by approximately 70 people, including local and regional authorities, members of the fisheries administration and the rector of the University of Girona.”

Issues and Resolutions

“There has been a delay in publishing the red shrimp management plan in the Spanish Official State Bulletin. The Catalonian regional government recently enquired about this and were told that the delay was due to normal administrative matters – so the plan should be published shortly.

The environmental NGOs Salvia and WWF have stated their willingness to participate in the management plan for shrimp. Discussions between the case study partners and administration has been initiated on how to do that.”

Other Partner News

“We are investigating whether the red shrimp fishery could be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.”

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