GAP2 work begins in Confraría de Pescadores de Aguiño

In June 2011, a meeting was held with the operational partner, the Federación Galega de Confrarías de Pescadores and the Confraría de Pescadores de Aguiño (the local partner of the FGCP), where in collaboration with the FGCP a timetable which includes the specific tasks and working protocols that will be carried out by each partner was drafted.

Collection of the data on the distribution of fish and shellfish in the geographic area of the Confraría de Pescadores de Aguiño began in August. Specific information includes data on fish species (nursery areas, abundance, productivity, resource quality, exploitation levels, etc.) and shellfish resources (ground location and extension, exploitation levels, species, productivity, etc), along with information about habitat composition (substrate typology, algae species, etc). To obtain a detailed image of the ecosystem structure in the area, the construction of maps of benthic habitats has been initiated.


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