One Year On: Progress Update on the GAP2 Project

Over the past year, we have established a group of trawlermen who are willing and eager to take part in the GAP2 project.

We have reached an agreement with the crews of 7 fishing vessels that they will work with us in collecting data on species distribution, once a month.

Field work will start next month (in July 2012) and continue until September 2013.

In the meantime, we’ve been working with the fishermen involved to collate their knowledge of the fishery into the scientific record. We have been conducting interviews, using maps to define fishing ground borders and help them explain their observed temporal and spatial differences in catches.

To integrate this information, we are going to compare and contrast it to trawl-survey data from the MEDITS project, using GIS to identify similarities and differences between the two accounts.

We are going to be able to share the initial results with the fishermen after 2-3 months of sampling; however, we will need to wait until 12-15 months to see the full array of data and analysis.


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