Case Study Steering Committee Meeting Held

“Forging new working relationships, the Norwegian fishery and they will actively participate in the stakeholder group aiming to achieve a common management of the herring”

A case study steering committee meeting was held in June 2011. To maintain an active link with the European Commission, one of its members was invited to the meeting. The meeting focused on obtaining background information for the CS (data available, perception of fishery, biology of the herring and linking factors between science, fishery and management). Different management options for herring in IIIa and its relations with MSY concept were discussed with experts. It was decided that maps would be a good tool for incorporate information and to communicate it.

As the CS deals with fish stocks that range across management areas and outside the EU (Norway) it is particularly important to have adequate representation within the work group. Previous attempts to achieve a common management of the herring in this area had not fully involved the Norwegian fishery. This sector can provide information on a wide geographical and historical perspective to improve the quality of data, helping to achieve appropriate management measures. A positive response was received from letters sent to representatives of the Norwegian fishery and they will actively participate in the stakeholder group.

A prerequisite for a full coverage of the stakeholder interests was for both the Pelagic RAC and the Baltic RAC to be key partners. The RACs will serve as a platform for presenting the topic, for identifying the key persons to be involved more closely in the participatory modelling process and for presenting the outcomes to a wider audience. The CS leader participated in the BSRAC Ex-Com in June 2011 in which the BSRAC confirmed its willingness to take part in the Case Study.


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