36 Months On: Progress review from the Dutch case study


Read on for an update on how the GAP2 case study focused on a Dutch flatfish fishery has progressed over the last twelve months. 

We have been focusing efforts on publishing data and planning interviews that will be carried out in the near future.

Since the discard ban was implemented, a subsidy to industry was introduced to prepare the sector for the effects of fishing ban.  We are now supporting the sector in writing proposals concerning participatory research. IMARES has created a platform to allow different partners to get in touch. Furthermore, we have participated in meetings between the ministry and fishers to explain why the discard ban was accepted. M. Kraan attended the meetings in order to further explore/work on her understanding of the relationship between the Ministry and fishermen.

Two contributions to the FDI conference were accepted. A real highlight of the FDI was Marloes Kraan delivering a keynote address on the final day of the symposium, based on the work of GAP2 and the case study in particular.

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