Bridging the Gap

A warm welcome to the final edition of ‘Bridging the GAP’. That’s right folks, GAP2 is wrapping up, and we want to thank you all for your support over the last four years. Going out with a bang, this instalment brings news of our fabulous final symposium, held last month in Barcelona, and comes packed with take-away research aids and other goodies. So, here it is: not ‘goodbye’ but ‘best fishes’ and ‘au revoir’!
'Mutual benefits' -­‐ one of the images featured in an original photographic exhibition, which had its first showing at the GAP2 symposium.Other participatory pioneers…The GAP2 Project is just one project amongst many, in a global trend towards participatory research. We've compiled a list of some other great collaborative projects - check them out here!
Screenshot 2015-03-11 16.26.22GAP2 International Symposium InterviewsFishers, scientists and policy-makers contribute their views on participatory research at the GAP2 International Symposium.
Screenshot 2015-03-04 16.21.48Participatory Research HandbookGAP2's 'Good Practice Guide' on participatory research imparts all our key insights from four years working collaboratively with fishers, scientists and policy makers. A must-read!
Screenshot 2015-03-12 14.01.27GAP2 Infographic: Why Collaborate for Sustainable Seas?Check out GAP2's brand new infographic: "Why Collaborate for Sustainable Seas? The story of GAP2, people and fish", and learn all about GAP2's activities, impacts and outputs.
GAP2 International Symposium 2015: Post-Event Brief

Across three days of interactive discussions, debate, and exhibitions, GAP2 celebrated four fantastic years at the forefront of participatory research in Europe. To read all the key messages from the event and access post-event materials, click below! 

Wrapping Up
The GAP2 Project will officially come to its conclusion on the 31st of March, but don’t worry – will still be up and running as your one-stop shop for all things fisheries and participatory research for years to come. Do drop by for excellent blogs, videos, research toolkits, policy briefs and much more.

Subscribers, it’s been a pleasure!

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