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This month, we bring you a heavily stocked newsletter! Fishing News reports on the Lyme Bay GAP2 exchange trip to California and we bring you the hot topics of discussion amongst the Lake Vättern exchange team, fresh from the Austrian Alps. The results of the 3rd Adriatic Trawl Survey in Italy are in, and we have a new film to share with you! Read on for all this and more…
© Sasa RaicevichGAP2 trawl survey: The Summer fishing banGAP2 scientist, Dr. Saša Raicevich, provides an update on the third GAP2 Adriatic Trawl Survey, its results and the FAO-ADRIAMED meeting.
Humpback ready to dive © Emma PearsonRead All About It! GAP2 Makes The (Fishing) NewsFishing News covers one of our latest, exciting #GAP2exchange trips - exploring collaboration over in California, and lessons shared between Lyme Bay and Morro Bay fishers.
Michael and Patrik looking at fish nets © Alfred SandströmReflections from Lake VätternLearn more about the main topics of discussion that took place throughout the #GAP2exchange trip to Lake Constance, written by Dr Alfred Sandström.
Rex and Rory enjoying GAP2 exchange!Puget Sound Exchange – New Film!A new film from the GAP2 exchange program - documenting Rex & Rory's adventures investigating bird bycatch in Puget Sound.
GAP2 International Symposium 2015: Participatory Research & Co-management in Fisheries.

GAP2 invites you to join the team in celebrating four years at the forefront of participatory fisheries research in Europe! Why not join us and play a part in this collaborative conference by presenting at the GAP2 International Symposium’s Great Exhibition, find out more here. 

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